Professional Trading Tools

Whenever you feel like you need a better market understanding, you can check your trading instinct using a series of specially designed trading tools. Moreover, to make sure you don’t miss on any opportunities, we’ve included in your trading account some of the best technical and fundamental analysis trading tools.


Charts with Lines & Indicators

Keep your chart simple or boost it with various lines, fans or channels. Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD or Stochastic, along with over 30 other indicators are available for your chart analysis strategies. Even though the chart is one of the most used tools, it doesn’t always get the credit it deserves.

Trading Calculators

Not only do you get to more about Risk Management through Deal Size control, or how to properly identify Fibonacci Levels, you also get to check your Pivot value. Use these calculators to verify your estimations before new transactions and make sure you are ready to enter the markets.

Market Analysis

Technical analysis has a strong foundation in Fundamental analysis. Statistically, you have more chances to understand a certain asset’s trend by staying informed about economic events, releases and news that can directly, or indirectly, influence a movement in trading instruments’ price.

Economic Calendar

Fast news, releases and event check-ups can be better understood, thanks to this highly useful tool. The Economic Calendar tells you the date and time of a certain financial movement, informing you about the asset that might be affected by it, along with its previously registered value, and even market analysts’ estimation.

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